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Hello everyone! My name is Affrika and I am a Cranstal! I have three sisters, Bella, Hettie and Tiisi plus four brothers Pasha, Jonty, Quest and Faris.

I believe that previously the great sage Mr. Cairo used to comment on life in the Cranstal household - but that he laid down his pen on 27th March 2003 and has steadfastly refused to pick it up again. So it has been left to me to pick up where Mr. Cairo left off as chronicler of the Cranstal’s major events.

Well, of course the first major event over the last two years has been ME! closely followed by Faris and Tissi. Well, not so closely followed by Tiisi actually who left home at the tender age of 9 weeks and was returned home at the equally tender age of seven months! When she was little Tiisi was always known as the ‘duracell saluki’ as when the rest of us were all exhausted little Tiisi could still be found looking for something to do - or someone to do for! (There is nothing worse than being four week old puppy and have a Tiisi bouncing on your head whilst you are trying to sleep!). Ms. Mopps and The Kennel Man said the Tiisi had to come back home because her new family’s batteries ran out before Tiisi’s did - each and every day of the time that they all spent together!

We all love Tiisi though - and Mr. Faris and I have spent a lot of time over the last 15 months making sure that her batteries are totally exhausted by the time that the end of each day comes. The fact that we three seem to have exhausted Ms. Mopps and The Kennel Man’s batteries daily by about 9 am could be a bit of a problem for the future as we dont think that they are quite as young as they used to be. In fact they say that for some reason they have aged about 10 years since July 2003!

As well as us three puppies the Cranstal residence is home to our mother Shala, our grandmother Hebron and our great uncle Mr. Cairo (the former Scribe). We youngsters just love all our relatives. However all our relatives seem to have certain reservations about us three puppies for some reason. Our attempts at friendship (well actually our attempts to insert ourselves onto the large saluki bed in the kitchen) have to date been met with mostly outright hostility. In fact the only time that any older Cranstal saluki person seems to view us puppies with anything other than total horror is when we are munching our big leather bones (which the older salukis are only allowed on special occasions as our daft mother Shala has been known to eat her ear fringing off!)

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