One day in July Kennelman and Flash went off to East of England Show in the company of Mena (our scatty Pharaoh friend) and her owner Sarah. Mopps had decided not to go because I had won a CC under the judge and there did not seem to be any point in putting all remaining salukis/cats in kennels/cattery just for Mopps to sit and watch Flash and Kennelman. A very good decision we all thought. But us 'stay at homes' had not realised what a really fantastic decision it was before the two men arrived to erect the new shed. Mopps thought it would be a good joke for Kennelman to come back from a day away and be confronted with a shed about twice the size of the shed that he had left 24 hours before. Just quite what a tremendous joke it was going to turn out to be Mopps was blissfully unaware of at that stage.

Anyway we saw Mopps consult with the workmen and then unlock two of the gates, one at the top of the garden and the other one leading into our paddock. As it was obvious that all the action was going to be at the other end of the garden we salukis retired to our beds and settled down for a day of tranquillity (boredom!). After about three hours Mopps joined us in the dogroom and proceeded to start soaking Shala's dog food for her tea - which is viewed by Mopps as one of the two focal points of her day of course. (The other focal point of her day is soaking Shala's dog food for breakfast - just in case you were wondering!) Anyway Mopps took this opportunity to let us all out onto the pebbles. Shala seems to need to go out quite a lot more than she used to do - something to do with the little white pills methinks!

The sun was shining and the patio and pebbles were benefiting from it. So Mopps left us all out on the patio to do a spot of the saluki style sunbathing which we all enjoy, especially Shala. What Mopps was not aware of - as she blissfully trotted back into the kitchen - was that the barking that she had heard from us in the middle of the morning had been in response to one of the workmen going past the dogroom window and out through 'our' gate. (This gate is not visible if you are in the dogroom but it leads from the very back of the dog run onto the front drive of the house). He had to unlock the gate to get out and - exhibiting a reluctance to return past the dog room window for some reason - he had then left the gate open. Well, I mean, what saluki in its right mind was going to miss an opportunity like that?????? (Shala actually it turned out!). The three of us even got a really good start before Mopps realised that something was afoot (well afeet to be correct - all twelve of them!!).

I suppose it really was what you could call a saluki 'perfect storm'. Neither of the workmen who were the first to see us running round loose bothered to tell Mopps - which gave us a really good head start . (Unfortunately we were not around to witness Mopps reaction to this omission on the part of the workforce - but I can imagine that she was little less than impressed and I have on a previous occasion seen workmen crossing themselves when Mopps has got 'a little less than impressed'. Witnessing that in itself would have been good entertainment!) However our 'Great Escape' I believe was very quickly reported over a space of five minutes by 'lots of' very concerned neighbours.

Where we went for two whole hours is a closely guarded secret amongst ourselves. Suffice to say that Mopps was on her own, did not have a mobile phone (Kennelman had it) and we had got at least 10 minutes head start before she was even aware that she was three salukis down.

All of it working towards the continuation, unchecked, of our 'Great Adventure'. As we raced past houses - ears flying, tails waving, playing amongst ourselves (all reported during the first five minutes of our escape after which we were not seen once by anyone) we could hear Manx Radio reporting that 'three salukis were on the loose' together with our home phone number as a contact'. (I believe that the Dog Warden, the police and the Vets had also been informed - quite a tripartite task force!). This

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