I am not sure how many of you, my readers are aware of the fact, but the Cranstals have been travelling with our pharaoh friend Mena and her owner Sarah over the last year or so. Something to do with 'cutting down on exorbitant dog showing costs' I believe. Mopps, Kennelman and PharaohSarah all get on very well together influenced in no small way - we salukis have decided - because of a mutual obsession with their recent discovery of the Toby Carvery chain!! We could not believe it when we heard them discussing at one show last year 'whether to stay for the Stakes classes - or leave earlier and go to the Toby on the way to the boat?'. Now bear in mind that the whole idea of the Cranstals and Abusirs travelling the length and breadth of the country it to compete at Championship dog shows. So of course there was only one decision to make!

Three hours later two salukis and one pharaoh were parked in the Toby Car Park just outside Liverpool whilst 'they' scarffed their way through roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and a medley of vegetables - followed by an ice cream sundae (Mopps) and treacle sponge and custard (Kennelman and PharaohSarah) plus lattes all round!!!! To be fair to them we did get a share in the roast beef on their return to the car. But what about their avowed commitment to the cause of the Championship Dog Show I felt compelled to ask myself?


Anyway, I have digressed. As a precursor to this next subject I have to explain that three adults and three dogs in a Citroen C8 was never going to be an ideal way to travel the country. Especially if the three adults continued to visit the Toby Inns on each trip - as they were going to be taking up quite a substantial amount more of the already non existent free space as summer 2010 had progressed! . (As an aside - in the past it has always been a relief to get past the anti terrorist police on our return journeys to the Island. This is because the interior of the Citroen - by the end of our dog showing trips - always looked as if there had been a violent explosion in its interior!! We did actually manage to lose large dog cages inside the car on one particularly fraught trip!!) But I apologise................... I have digressed............ again!!

The Cranstal Two Legs answer to the saluki/pharaoh logistics problem has been the purchase of a new vehicle. Well, actually two new vehicles. Mopps has now got a very snappy looking Note (all black windows, black body colour and a sort of bronze on black upholstery). Methinks that it looks a bit like a travelling black hole - not that I am likely to get a chance to expand on this opinion as Mopps has declared it 'A DOG FREE ZONE''. And I think that she really means it this time too.

So what luxury are we, the Cranstal stars, travelling in I can hear you ask. As well you might! A LARGE WHITE RENAULT CREW VAN is the answer!!!! Can you believe it???? And this has been really serious stuff. The windows have been blacked out, the interior has all been wood clad, then floored in...caged out.....varnished up................and almost scientifically adapted to ensure that pharaohs and salukis (note the ominous plural that has appeared in the word pharaoh ) can travel in a style to which we most certainly have not previously been accustomed - and if consulted would never, ever have opted to experience!!!

What about the missed opportunities to hurl abuse at the local canine population through the windows of the people carrier as we passed?? What about our street cred?? What about the option to hop over the back seats when the mood took us? The

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