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Two of me for the price of one - aren't you all lucky!!


I have done my level best to keep the Cranstal flag flying this year as they have careered round the country in THE BIG WHITE VAN and even though I say so myself I feel more than a degree of satisfaction with the results of my efforts. I have even managed not to come into season since the beginning of February which means no phantom puppies to feed - and a whole summer spent in the show ring. The only year that I have managed this since I came into season for the first time at the tender age of 9 months. However the fact that I have not yet been at my attractive best as far as the boys are concerned is not proving to be all good news for Mopps and KennelMan......................... but more of that later!


Well, you my readers, will know from the previous edition of Affrika Observes that I had deep reservations about the fact that in their dotage Mopps and KennelMan had purchased a mode of transport that I am sure - if they had an ounce of self respect left in their heads - they would not have given one minute's consideration whilst in

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