their prime! These older people do get rather odd ideas at times. Sadly, in view of the fact that we salukis do not possess a bank account, we have no option but to go along with whatever it is that takes their fancy! However I have to admit that TBWV has proved the purchase of a lifetime as far as Flash and I are concerned - with such spacious accommodation that nearly all of our progress up and down UK during this summer's dog showing has been more like a triumphal tour of some sort. Thick duvets, loads of space, a copious supply of fresh water and the option of doors left open to catch any breeze that there might be when stationary during spells of hot weather.

However as with all things involving Mopps/KennelMan and us salukis - there is always a snag of course! In this case four snags - in two lots of two!! In the shape of two Pharoah hounds taking over 'my room' for the East of England journey and two even larger Afghans taking over 'my room' for the journey to Bournemouth. All of this meaning that Flash and I had to share 'his room' for both journeys, And it took all of my persuasive charm to ensure that he remained crammed up in the corner and I got the space that was due to me I can tell you. Can you believe it though???? It is like arriving at the point of departure expecting to fly first class and ending up in economy!!! Something to do exhorbitant boat fares and our own little canine credit crunch we have been led to believe. AFFRIKA DOES NOT DO CREDIT CRUNCHES!!

Photo: Manx Image Banx
Not often I am caught all at sea!!


But the fact that I have not yet been at my attractive best as far as the boys are concerned is not proving to be all good news for Mopps and Kennel Man - that would make life far too easy!! Remember that little sentence - the last one in the first paragraph???? Well, up to now ever since Tiisi's precipitate return to the Cranstal fold - she and I have always come into season together every six months. However this year I have done a sort of UDI. Tiisi came into season in July and finished her season in July. August came and went, September has come and is fast going - and guess what? I am

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