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BOB SALUKI - Cranstal Quintessence

Before I go any further I would like to apologise to you, my loyal readership, for
the slight tardiness in the appearance of this highly important insight into life Chez Cranstal - but I have been somewhat busy over the last few days.

THERE IS NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS!! And especially not at this moment in time. As you may have noticed from the photograph at the top of the page I enjoyed a great deal of success at Crufts this year. Mopps was over the moon, KennelMan smiled (indicating an ecstatic reaction) and Flash's Swedish family who have been visiting took about 2 zillion photos - as I would only have expected of course!

Although I say so myself the morning of Crufts - after a very bad start - exceeded all expectations! I have to mention the bad start though - because Flash's Swedish family had come over specially for Crufts and everyone was looking forward to seeing Flash in the ring at the biggest and most famous dog show in the world. Flash, unfortunately, injured his leg on the way down to Crufts and was completely lame on the morning of the show. So he was compelled to spend the day 'on the bench'. He did not appreciate all my footballing analogies (which I enjoyed muttering in his ear as I trotted past each time my results got better and better) for some reason either.

So it was left up to me to keep the Cranstal flag flying on the day. And I am sure that you will admit, I excelled myself. Mopps enjoyed flying round the ring with me (more of that later), I enjoyed all the attention and all in all it was a perfect day culminating in my major award of Best of Breed. We then all had to head off to the Arena for 'The Hound Group'. This was when Mopps suddenly seemed to lose some of her sparkle and Iheard her mutter to Kennelman 'I have just realised that we have got at least three hours to the Hound Group .......... and you know what a low boredom threshold she has
got'. Well, they kept me occupied for a quarter of an hour or so with photographs. At which, of course, I excelled myself as you can see from above. And then we sat, and we sat, and we sat. I could see Mopps going quieter and quieter - I just continued to look serene. Well, I think that it could have been interpreted as .......... maybe looking

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