just a little bit .......... bored.

Now before you start to think that Mopps was being totally neurotic about this 'boredom thing' I do have to admit that at the start of this year they took me to Manchester Ch. Show. It was very cold, very noisy, it was a very long day and I got .......... bored. A LOT BORED!! So that when Mopps took me into the ring it could have been said that my performance did lack a certain amount of sparkle. (Mopps seemed to think that a triangle with a 6 foot run up on both sides and across the top - because I would not go any further - was in some way lacking in effort. In fact on our return home I became aware that perhaps I had overdone things as I have been at the Ringcraft equivalent of 'Boot Camp' ever since.)

So once the photos were finished Mopps had three hours to consider what was likely to happen - on prime time television - if I 'got bored' again. I continued to look serene (bored?) and to refuse any proffered titbits. Mopps continued to look slightly sick! I did hear her say to Kennelman at one stage during the wait that 'if she pulls another Manchester I am going to kill myself - right there in the middle of the Crufts Group Ring - as I just cannot face the public humiliation!' She is such a dramatist!!

Anyway we were then all called into order and Mopps and I patiently waited our 10 minutes of fame in the Crufts spotlight. Well, from the minute I realised that there was MUSIC .......... CAMERAS .......... LIGHTS .......... ACTION .......... and most especially .......... ME I just flew across that ring like a little circus pony closely followed by Mopps who was having trouble keeping up. We enjoyed our Crufts Hound Group - me and Mopps. However (whether it was revenge for Manchester or not) I was pretty horrified to hear on broadcast on television that what made me 'memorable at home' was 'barking at the birds and bullying my sister'!!!!. I mean if Mopps felt that it was necessary to describe me so - could she not have put 'she has an unusual empathy with the local wildlife and takes her responsibilities regarding discipline of the Cranstal pack very seriously. 'Barking at the birds and bullying my sister' indeed!!! However hearing Peter Purvis say on TV that 'she looks absolutely lovely' to me indicated that he had a lot more appreciation of my true worth than my handler!!!

But all in all apart from that small slip Mopps seems to have appreciated my efforts - and I have heard her saying to other people that 'Affrika did not put a foot wrong - she was just perfect all day'. But there is always another day of course ..........

Especial thanks from all the Cranstals plus Mopps and Kennelman to our Crufts judge Diana Allan for making her Special Day our Perfect Day.

Winning Open Bitch Class

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