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As you can gather I did not want to be there - so I just stood and glared at them!!.


Well, there I was thinking that I was going to rest on my laurels for a while after the triumph that was Crufts - when Flash goes off to Birmingham National and HE wins BOB!! So now we both have 2 CC's!! But I count myself as being one up on him because I have Rcc's too!! Heard Mopps talking to her friend Madeleine at the weekend. Mopps said, through what sounded suspiciously like gritted teeth, that 'it is strange how every comment that you make on dogs and dog showing comes back and hits you in smack in the mouth'. I think that Mopps was referring to a conversation that she had with PharaohSarah at the end of last year. They were disagreeing over whether it was more stressful to have a show dog with oneCC or a show dog with two CC's. Mopps being firmly of the opinion at the time that 'she personally thought that it was a lot more stressful waiting for a 2nd CC than waiting for a 3rd CC'. Of course there has now been a major rethink since March - and I think that it can now be taken as a given that Mopps no longer agrees with her original theory!


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