Photo: Helen Williams - Birmingham National May 2011
Judge Jenny Macro with New Champion Mumtaz Sea Breeze BCC and Hisilome's I am Iceman med Cranstal DCC + BOB


Mopps did not want to go to Scotland - said that 'she would anticipate a wasted journey'. Kennelman said that 'if you were not there you would never know if it had been wasted or not!'. I will not comment further on that exchange - but one of them got it very right!! For those of you who might think that all of the foregoing was an inauspicious start....................well things then got worse! Mopps was even less amused to discover that we were booked on the 9 am Ferry (6.30 am wake up call) rather than the 3pm Seacat (8.00 am wake up call with plenty of time to have a shower, shampoo her hair and have lunch in the garden when the weather is right). Suffice to say Kennelman's small talk on the way to the boat sort of rattled round the big white van (TBWV) as there was very little response from the adjacent seat! Flash whining in the back of TBWV (because he always does when we start a journey) did not seem to add to the ambiance either. No marmalade for the breakfast toast on the boat I believe caused another minor ruction - this we did not witness as we were locked up in TBWV below decks at the time. Probably the one and only time in our lives that Flash and I have felt that it was to our advantage to be outside the range of Mopps armed with a piece of toast.

So as you can see Kennelman was operating from a distinct disadvantage - which looked as if it might just go on for the full two days that we were due to be away. However in a positively inspired piece of thinking Kennelman broached the subject of 'taking the scenic route to Scotland and calling in at the Tulchan Outlet Shop in Kirby Lonsdale during the course of the journey'. Flash and I were very impressed - as a 'get

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