Upon their return there was not much said about the holiday This was unusual as we salukis normally pick up lots of snippets of information whilst we are lazing round in the kitchen.. (They have some daft idea that salukis are not fluent in English!! Ha, if that really is the case - why do they find it necessary to spell words like B.I.S.C.U.I.T.S.?). Anyway the arrival of NeighbourPam one day enlightened all of us considerably about the holiday - and we would not have missed it for worlds!!. Whilst drinking her coffee Pam innocently said 'Chocolate was lovely - many thanks. But tell me - how was Switzerland?'. Kennelman smiled nervously whilst a drop in temperature on a par with one of the glaciers sliding down the side of the Matterhorn became evident from Mopps side of the table. 'This looks interesting' the four of us salukis realised immediately.

Switzerland itself it seemed actually was 'OK'. However the method of transportation around Switzerland had probably not been Kennelman's best choice from all the holidays on offer. Mopps only contribution to the initial conversation was that 'whilst she liked sitting on trains and watching the countryside slide by - she had absolutely no wish to be melded to her luggage whilst it happened!' Kennelman probably should have just left the subject alone - but of course he struggled on. Only cheering up (he should have known better) when Mopps eventually joined in the conversation once more by admitting that 'they had met some very nice people on the holiday'!

The very nice couple - who had had their sense to send their luggage on in advance so that it met them at the hotel. Really excellent decision.

The very nice girl travelling on her own with the huge suitcase. Not such a good decision for anyone over 5' 10" who was close to the suitcase when the owner was attempting to disembark the train.

The very nice guy travelling with that lovely modern compact case. Good decision

The very nice lady travelling with her husband - who was in possession of a suitcase half the size of his. Obviously a very good decision for the husband. - not so sure about the wife.

The very nice couple who had half of their luggage stolen at the first train change in Midi Station in Belgium. Mopps advised that this seemed pretty much a disaster to her at the time - whilst by day 5 of the holiday she was beginning to understand that it was a much bigger disaster to remain in possession of your luggage.

There were lots of other 'very nice' people - about whose luggage Mopps appeared to have developed a meticulous photographic memory.

In conclusion the 'very nice' highlight of Mopps holiday appeared to have been arriving back in the Isle of Man and watching her luggage appear on the carousel at Ronaldsway - having had absolutely no contact with it since they had checked in at Gatwick several hundred miles previously! Mopps said that she had tears in her eyes. I personally think that she was exaggerating!

'Not quite what you were expecting then?' queried a tactful NeighbourPam? A better name for it would have been 'The Great STRAIN Journey!' replied Mopps. Kennelman, by this time totally fed up with the 'attitude' told Mopps to 'give it a rest - as it was ceasing to be funny' to which Mopps snapped back 'It was never funny in the first place!!' Oh dear - sucker punched again!!

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