More truth than usual in the above heading - courtesy of Isle of Man Steam Packet which is the only ferry company serving the Isle of Man. Or perhaps I should report Mopps view which is that it is 'NOT serving the Isle of Man in any way whatsoever!!’

The Cranstal Twolegs usual extensive preparations for Crufts had all been completed. Faris and Tiisi departing for the MSPCA kennels - where if Tiisi is to be believed they are treated like visiting royalty! NeighbourPam who had on this occasion been deputed to look Lily and Jack (cats) for three days had received - and been tested on - her War and Peace sized written instructions! Flash and I had been bathed and put through the usual pre show torture of coat stripping, nail clipping, teeth cleaning etc. All that was left was the 3 1/2 hour journey on the ferry to Liverpool, then the subsequent drive down the motorway at a leisurely pace to meet up with Flash's Scandinavian family who had flown in from Sweden for the big event.

Piece of cake I hear you say? Well, it certainly would have been……………….if the ferry had done anything apart from sail round in the Irish Sea for 71/2 hours…………………….eventually returning to our point of departure on the Isle of Man without ever having touched land during the whole of our trip. Bye Bye Crufts 2012!!

As you can imagine Mopps was a 'little distressed' by the whole episode at the time. Come to think of it she is still a 'little distressed' as in likening 'Krakatoa' to a 'firework display'!. In fact the one thing that is holding up a full scale assault on the management of the Ferry Company is that to date Mopps has not been able to think of anything bad enough to do to them. But I do know that she is now giving this her undivided attention!

A further (and major) complication was the fact that Flash's Swedish family were left without any transport to get to their overnight hotel (booked many miles from NEC because they were meeting up with the Cranstals) never mind any prospect of subsequently travelling to the Isle of Man after Crufts. A different overnight hotel was booked for them and Kennelman boarded the ferry once again - 24 hours after the first attempt - and actually managed to dock in UK this time. Having arrived at Crufts Kennelman finally met up with our house guests 24 hours late and two hours after the saluki judging had finished. Subsequently they all arrived safely back on the IOM in the

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