Treat me with care - I might not be with you for long!!

Affrika entered young adulthood as an incredibly beautiful juvenile saluki who moved like a dream. We had very high hopes for her - and she did win her first CC as a 2 year old. But, of course, this is Affrika that we are talking about and it was never going to be plain sailing. Back to the yearly bullet points!!!

2004. At the age of 9 months Affrika had her first season. At the age of about 11 months Affrika had her first phantom pregnancy which started on the day that she would have whelped her pups and lasted in all its full and abundant glory for just about two months. But never mind.......even if she was going to be unshowable for 10 weeks of the year - a lot of our saluki bitches only cycled every 8 months so we would cope! At the age of 15 months Affrika came into season again and the whole procedure was repeated which was when we realised that we were looking at 20 weeks out of 52 when Affrika was not going to be in the show ring......................but never mind we would cope!! However that was when we discovered that her wonderfully regular cycles were set up so that one of them took in 10 weeks in the middle of the summer show that stage we were not coping too well!

Me? Fragile?? Says who???

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