Of course there is no business like show business. And especially when there is something as important to report as the fact that I am now to be addressed as CHAMPION Cranstal Quintessence in all future correspondence. I may not have had the meteoric race to my crown that my brother had (or that of my mother or nephew had come to think of it) but I prefer to reflect on the proposition that I am rather like a fine wine and have slowly matured to perfection over the years. As I heard someone remark - when congratulating MOPPS on MY successes!!

And guess what – just when Mopps was having some fun with me, all the pressure off and able to enjoy my Veteran classes……………………I went out into the paddock this morning with my happy little pack of mates and came back in completely and absolutely………….lame. Emergency trip to the vets ensued immediately and I have been diagnosed as having damaged my shoulder and been placed on restricted exercise for the next fortnight. This takes in the Darlington weekend of course!! Ho hum!! Goodbye my showring friends! I am sorry to announce that this must be viewed as a graceful (if premature) exit from your lives by the Affrikan Queen!! I will of course continue my career in journalism – just in case you, my readers, are worried that it is to be a complete retirement.

Looking at another way - the fact that I have always been such a nightmare to keep in the ring could be viewed as me keeping Mopps on her toes. Giving a little excitement in her post retirement years to an otherwise pretty ordinary lifestyle. However Mopps has been so ‘excited’ during the run up to my title that I recollect hearing her saying to one of her mates that ‘she will never, ever be seen in the ring with a saluki again once Affrika is retired’. A further part of the conversation referred to the fact ‘in three years of MoneyDealing for the Bank she could truthfully say that she had clocked up about one zillionth the amount of stress per annum that exhibiting Affrika had forced upon her!!’ Mopps does have this tendency to exaggerate!! It was me doing all the work over the last eight years for heavens sake!! All that she had to do was run round after me!!

Gosh………………nearly forgot. Flash won another CC and BOB at Paignton.

Me as a 2 year old when I won my 1st CC Me at 8 years old when I won my 3rd CC
Just never be stupid enough to ask Mopps what I was doing in between!!!
Photos: Manx Image Banx

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