Where else?…………Back in Sweden again!!! Do you need to ask?? And where are we?? Well, I will give you all one guess. Yes, you got it right. WE are back in the slammer!! I would not dispute that the kind folks at MSPCA Boarding Kennels look after us in the most impeccable manner – not that they have much option in view of the War and Peace style documentation that always accompanies us on each of our visits. Plus the two crates of our essential supplies. Most of it relating to me of course. So no real complaints but as I am sure that you are all aware there is nowhere quite like your own bed no matter how good the hotel is.

It turns out that Kennelman was going to judge salukis in Sweden. He and Mopps were obviously really looking forward to this. Kennelman because he enjoyed judging the salukis very much the last time that they were in Sweden and Mopps because she enjoys the excitement of sitting round discussing Kennelman’s judging with her Swedish mates for virtually a whole day.

Mopps also likes catching up with Faris offspring when the chance arises - having a special soft spot for Vera. Tiisi and I are keeping an eye on this one - as we turned our back at one stage and what happened?? Flash appeared from nowhere. Well actually from Sweden!! And whilst Tiisi and I felt that a blonde Swedish Toyboy could only improve things in the Cranstal household – I think that initially Faris did not quite share our enthusiasm. So Tiisi and I don’t wish to see the situation reversed and anyone (or anytwo) getting the idea that a puppy ‘just like dear little Vera’ might be a particularly good idea!!!!

The Mopps and Vera Reunion!
Photo: Lene Svensson

Photo: Mona Bergstrom
Kennelman style bliss - a bottle in both hands and of course a smile on his face!!

From conversations overheard since their return Kennelman spent happy hours judging the show amongst some truly lovely salukis - whilst Mopps was happily engaged with a detailed analysis of the results with her mates. They would appear to have had an excellent couple of days in Sweden after that and even managed to get home without any major interventions on the part of the Swedish railway system!! You might think that things could not get any better. Well they did actually as you can see from the photo left.






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