Anyway the ‘Cranstal Four’ returned home from Hound Association delighted with a RCC won by our handsome Flash - plus a rosette and great rejoicing all round because Noor had won BPIB. Tiisi – who is the sproglet’s best friend (actually probably her only friend) informed Noor that ‘ SHE had won BPIB…………….TWICE!!’ The sproglet was impressed I could tell. But anything that Tiisi does impresses the sproglet come to think of it.

Photo: Annette Buckley
Hisilome’s Keepsake for Cranstal standing behind BOB and BCC
Kennelman would appear to be still deep in silent prayer!!

Or so they say! Whoever thought that little one up had never encountered a ‘Noor’ that is all that I can say. Over the last two months I have been observing my fellow housemates reaction to our latest addition and I have to say that we are each of us ‘making it’ in a totally different manner.

Faris – who likes to think that he is the pack leader. It is really me of course. However the work that Faris puts in means that I can rule by example rather than by imposing discipline – saving me lots of time to spend asleep on the best part of the duvet. Faris at first was very tolerant – I mean Noor was a baby and as he is a gentleman he knew that she had to be treated gently and with respect. That lasted about 24 hours before Faris realised that baby she may be – but she had absolutely no intention of treating anybody gently and with respect!! Life was going to be a blast for Noor and everyone was supposed to join in on her terms. Faris is still trying to reconcile himself to the fact that whilst Noor does occasionally show him some ‘respect’ she has absolutely no intention of living her life according to his rules. Or anyone’s come to think of it!

Flash – who also likes to think that he is the pack leader. Whilst to date the Two Legs are reminding Flash most firmly that Faris is in charge - it has always been Flash’s aim that this should be viewed as a purely temporary situation. However once Noor arrived we could see Flash re-evaluating the advantages of the responsibility of being pack leader. We now think that he has put his plans for a leadership challenge on hold for the foreseeable future - if there is any chance that the aforesaid ‘leadership’ might involve any responsibility for moderating Noor’s behaviour. He does talk to her in Swedish at times – but we think that Noor is unlikely to have heard any of Flash’s Swedish vocabulary currently directed at her in the sheltered confines of the Hisilome’s home in Sweden. In fact we are not quite sure where he got it from either!!

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