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There is no business like Show Business …………………

Well, I have been told that we have had a good summer - glad that us salukis have managed to get something right! Faris (Quantum) won his first CC at Birmingham, plus Rcc’s at 3 Counties and SWKA whilst Pasha (Quema) won his first CC at Hound Show. I kept the flag flying for the girls by winning a Rcc at W.K.C. All seven of us ’Qu babies’ who are being shown managed to qualify for Crufts by the middle of July as well - so everyone could relax and concentrate on other things..............................................like the great chicken rescue perhaps!


As if life was not complicated enough this summer - Mopps has to come back from her physiotherapy one evening in July carrying a very large cardboard box. The Kennel Man was worried - we could see that immediately the box preceded Mopps into the kitchen. He did not even have to ask a question though. ‘It is a day old chicken and it is not very well’ stated Mopps in an exceedingly determined sort of voice. Talk about the temperature in the kitchen dropping dramatically - we all thought the poor chicken would probably develop frostbite on its 'day old' toes. ‘Well, all I can say is that I hope that it is going on holiday to Cornwall with you when you go in a weeks time’. the Kennel Man replied - all tight lips and controlled rage! We salukis could see that Mopps had a problem with this one - she had obviously temporarily forgotten about the Cornwall trip to see one of her mates when she had initiated the Great Chicken Rescue Mission.

Mopps and the chicken then spent quite a lot of time out in the shed. However Mopps decided that it was too cold out there - and the chicken was moved into the conservatory where his large cardboard box (and his very loud voice) added quietly to the ambiance of what is one of the Kennel Man’s favourite rooms in the house.

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