When I approached Affrika to ask if she would be requiring the computer over the next couple of days or so she smiled enigmatically and then informed me that it was no longer her intention to pursue her journalistic career having reached the age of retirement in canine years!

This precipitate bombshell on her part left me with the possibility of a great void in the Cranstal website updates. Especially as – a fact in which Affrika has always taken great delight - most people only look at the website in the first place in order to peruse her insights into life in the Cranstal household. I have felt rather sadly over the years that this rather negated the efforts of others (mostly me!). However in view of the fact that a lot of the feedback is about items in Affrika Observes it would appear that there could be more than a grain of truth in Affrika’s assessment of her own worth. And of course this is Affrika that we are dealing with - delightful and loving though she might be – modest she most certainly is not!!

So what on earth was I to do???? That was when I spotted someone who definitely had too much time on their hands!!! Working away - doing what she does best! Destroying yet another part of the structure of what - for the previous 9 years - had been our immaculately kitted out dog room. As Affrika’s friend NeighbourPam said when passing through the wreckage one day - ‘You named her well. It is just that you should have spelt it G.N.A.W.!!’ Don’t ask me why but we always seem to talk about Noor with exclamation marks!!!!!!. I make no apologies for it as they are always all necessary and well deserved!!!. So folks – here is our latest scribe .....

Photo: Lene Svensson

Noor pictured with her litter brother Kareef.
Take it from the life experiences of the Cranstal and Buckley households – the similarity is very much more than skin deep!!!

From now on life 'at Cranstal' can be viewed from the perspective of 'Noor's Notions'!!


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