Affrika, Tiisi, Flash and Faris

During the last website update I intimated that I was handing the responsibity for updates on life at Cranstal over to our latest addition and that was truly my intention at the time.

Unfortunately something of such magnitude has occurred that a personage as immature as Noor is most definitely not equipped to cope with reporting both the event and its repercussions on our lives.


We have lost Mr Flash. None of us can believe that he is no longer part of our lives. Tiisi is bereft as once Shala had left us she became Mr Flash’s special friend. I am devastated as he and I travelled the country together, supporting one another on the road to our titles. Mr Faris never expected to live the remainder of his life without his son at his side for support amongst all us females. And dear little Noor now has no-one to ‘speak Swedish’ to her at times of crisis (normally of her own making of course!).

Mr Flash appeared one dark February morning six years ago. We were awakened very early in the morning by the arrival home of the Big White Van in which Kennelman had set off the day before on a solo journey - destination unknown.

We all remember being taken into the kitchen and seeing standing in the middle of the room – watching everything rather uncertainly - a most lovely golden saluki boy. Not quite an adult - but most certainly not a puppy either. We did not know where he had been until his arrival Chez Cranstal but within a few hours it did not matter. He promptly became a Cranstal very much under the sheltering wing of his grandmother Shala whom he adored from the moment he met her. It was mutual. And as in all fairy tales featuring a young and golden prince we all lived happily ever after……………………….

5 years later - one January lunchtime - Mr Flash and Mr Faris went off out into the paddock as they did every day for some ‘man time’ together. This was when they ran

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