round without having to bother about any female distraction and also christened any the bushes as and when it suited them! We three girls waited for them to return with some impatience - as on their return everyone always got a biscuit. This is one of the important events each day for us Cranstals! But all thoughts of treats vanished when Mr Faris came back in from the paddock with Kennelman……………………all alone.

Mr Flash had left us in the same mysterious manner in which he had appeared. Just gone from his body. We don’t know where - and he went without even the chance for us to say goodbye. Later on that afternoon Mopps and Kennelman made sure that we were given the chance to realise that Mr Flash was no longer part of our family. We observed, we accepted and we grieved. But we did not understand. (And people who say that salukis do not grieve can never really have understood the salukis with whom they have shared their lives.)

When Mr Flash went out that January day with his tail waving none of us knew - not even Mr Flash - that he was waving goodbye. We all loved you Mr Flash. We know that you cannot come back but we do hope that you are happy wherever you are.


Now I am sure that some of you could be thinking that these two photos are of a young Mr Flash in action. You would be wrong!! They are of Hisilome’s Koriander, under the stewardship of Kennelman, competing at Ljungbyhed in Sweden at the end of June this year. Kennel Man was very proud of Koriander that weekend - as at the age of 20 months Koriander was attending only his second show and had not met Kennelman until 10 minutes before they went into the ring together. Koriander was graded Excellent, with CK


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