I have read comment on individuals that are 'made of steel'. Whilst I think that this could be used to describe the inner strength of my brother Mr. Faris - to me does not do justice to his magic. So I am heading his obituary 'Platinum Man' because of his inner value as a saluki and his wonderful silver white colour.

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On 25th February Mr. Faris gave up on his struggle with his failing heart and left this world resting peacefully in the arms of Mopps with VetKarl in attendance. Coming so soon after the loss of Mr. Flash we remaining Cranstals are very, very sad. None of us can really take on board that Mr. Faris is also no longer part of our lives.

Our newest arrival Gaamiq has always thought that Mr Faris was the most wonderful saluki that she had ever seen. And did not cease to tell him so - about 25 times every day. Not quite so sure the 'most wonderful saluki' assessment was reciprocated by Mr. Faris. But 'life's a blast' Gaamiq was not going to lose any sleep over that one! Noor had weaseled her way into his heart on the day of her arrival when she had made it very obvious that there was only one 'Main Man' in her new household. An affection for him which had never changed and with which Mr. Faris had wholeheartedly agreed and reciprocated. So that was always going to be a hard act to follow for Gaamiq - but she never gave up on it. His last week on this earth was spent with a small (and for once quiet) personage always asleep at his side.

Tiisi had always loved to run and play with Mr. Faris who had cared for and helped her to settle in again when she was 'returned to sender' from her puppy home eleven years ago. And of course Faris and I have never been separated from the time of our birth. I too dont quite know how to cope with this new dynamic in our lives - so I have assumed the mantle of elder statesman as there is no-one else around to wear it now. Tiisi seems to be coping with the loss by reverting to the behaviour of a one year old - ably assisted and abetted by what is 'nearly one year old' Gaamiq. And of course with Mr. Faris absent from the scene there has been no-one to tell them both to 'grow up'. However I might just start to exert my influence if they tramp through the dog bed at about 50 mph just once more when I am attempting to rest!

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