Because Mr. Faris had been ill for many months we all became increasingly aware that he needed 'special care'. Because of this we did not push and shove him each time he decided that he needed about half an hour to eat a meal that he would have polished off in two minutes in his prime. We also stood back to allow him to eat by 'accepting' half of the food from the plates of the TwoLegs when he decided that was all that he could possibly fancy at that moment in time. I am sure that Mr. Faris appreciated these considerations - even if his only acknowledgement was to growl at the rest of us if we got too close when the TwoLegs were eating steak!!

I have to admit that there has been one ongoing bonus from this prolonged stressful situtation. As Mr. Faris became increasing choosy over what was allowed to pass his lips the standard of living of the other four of us increased exponentially! And since his passing it has become obvious that there is so much food just waiting for our attention - in such a wide variety of makes and types - that we will be feasting for months to come. So the benefits of the distribution of his 'estate' could be significant. In fact I did hear Mopps say to KennelMan the other evening 'Just you be careful with the amount of food that you are putting in their bowls. Just because it 'belonged' to Mr. Faris does not make it non fattening!!'

We four all miss you Mr. Faris, far more than an unassuming gentle-man like yourself could ever imagine. And we dont know what the TwoLegs are going to do with their time now that most of it is not spent trying to either get you to eat what was on offer (from any source in the house) or when that became impossible scouring the shops/countryside searching for anything at all (no expense spared) that you were prepared to eat.

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Run free at the Rainbow Bridge with your heart beating strong.
Along with Shala, Flash and the Cranstals who have passed before.



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