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WEDNESDAY 22nd September 2015 was the day that I thought could never happen. Tiisi left me alone in this world - I am now the very last of all of the Cranstal 'Qu' babies. Tiisi was always our rock! The lynch pin on which everyone 'below a certain age' in the Cranstal family depended completely. We never thought that she would leave us without being able to say goodbye - especially to Gaamiq whom she had taken on as her major responsibility over the last year.

Tiisi did not want to go on her walk last Wednesday morning - but we had all had a tummy bug so Kennelman and Mopps suggested to Tiisi that if she was feeling under the weather it might be better if she did not walk with the rest of us. We could all see that Tiisi appreciated this concern and she returned to the dog run where we all assumed that she was contemplating the miracle of a fine September morning. When we returned from our walk Tiisi was just resting in her bed in our room - but caused some concern as she did not want any breakfast. Mopps was certainly concerned - but even us salukis have to agree that you cannot rush us up to the vet every time that one of us Cranstals do not want to eat some chicken.

Kennelman got on with his morning chores and Mopps decided that she would leave 'shovelling out the dogroom' as she calls it until the last because we were all 'settled'. So it was about quarter of an hour after we were all fed that Mopps realised that Tiisi was not 'sunbathing' on her side on one of the large duvets in the dog run but that she was not at all well. Tiisi left for the vets immediately - carried in Kennelman's arms into the Big White Van which set off at a speed that would have made Jensen Button proud - all it needed was the sirens! The TwoLegs came back

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