about half an hour later, looking quiet and upset. This was when we learned that Tiisi had been left with the Vets for immediate 'tests and investigation'. The Vet rang Mopps and Kennelman twice during the morning and from their reactions after each of the phone calls we all knew that something was going terribly wrong. After the second phone call they broke the news to us salukis that Tiisi had died on the operating table - when her poor little heart gave out because they could not stop her bleeding from a tumour that no-one knew that she had. Neither Mopps nor I could credit that there would have ever come a time when Tiisi's heart - which was always so full of love - could just stop working.

Gaamiq is really lost - she seems to think that I might be some sort of substitute Earth Mother. Well, I am doing my best but I am just not the maternal sort. I was never required to be - as that was Tiisi's job. At which she excelled. And of course Gaamiq has got no hope whatsoever as far as our 'resident Diva' Noor is concerned. Noor will run, Noor will play but Noor does not do Tiisi style snuggling or mothering under any circumstances. The only thing that Noor has ever done that required prolonged proximity was eat the fringing on both Tiisi and Gaamiq's ears - that went down a real bomb with the TwoLegs. Gaamiq's barber shop cut especially!! Anyway Gaamiq has now decided that in view of her being orphaned she will have to revert to puppyhood at the age of 18 months. So she has chewed all the wood on the dog bed, once again eaten the plaster off the walls (they had only had it repaired a week ago) and then chewed up the duvet (again repaired - no expense spared - not so long ago!!). Me, well I am staying well out of it!!

I will miss Tiisi in a way that the other two never can. We were together for all of our lives apart from five months when Tiisi was sold as a 9 week old puppy and went off to live in England. She returned home at seven months of age. Faris and myself did not stress her by asking her to talk about her experiences - we just welcomed her back amongst us. We could not have borne it if she felt that she had been 'returned to sender' as a failure - the nicest and prettiest little saluki that anyone could have ever wanted. Whatever shortcomings had led to her return - they were never in evidence once she was back Chez Cranstal. And over the years we have heard time and again that Mopps and Kennelman were in total agreement that a 'second chance' of sharing their lives with Tiisi rated amongst the very best things that had happened to them in salukis. And we all agreed with that!!!

Two photos below, First one Tiisi and Gaamiq just over a year ago. Second one Tiisi and Gaamiq


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