I could go on for quite some time building up the story of Lazarus - his various medical crises, friends that he made, adventures that he had, but this website is supposed to be dedicated to the activities of the Cranstal salukis. Lazarus’ life story, short though it was, told in detail would probably take up the whole allocated total of megabites, or gigabites, or whatever it is that they measure websites in. So I will ‘do’ the story in bullet points - a bullet being probably what Mopps should have done in the first instance!!

Lazarus gained his name as - throughout his short life as he kept on .....

Rising From The Dead. There was the time when they thought Lazarus might have got too cold .....but he recovered.
Then they thought Lazarus might have got too warm’ .....but he recovered.
Then they thought that Lazarus might not have had quite the right food…………..but he survived to stuff himself for a whole day with parsons pigs, worms, ants etc. plus a few chick crumbs when it suited him
Throughout it all they thought that, apart from a worrying tendency to fall flat on his back when excited, Lazarus just might make it.
But it was not to be. On Day 5 Lazarus proved those who named him wrong. He departed this life quietly and with dignity shortly after a visit to a very kind Vet - who had not been too hopeful about his chances in the first place!
Mopps was quite upset about Lazarus and said to Barry and Pam (who had looked after him the weekend that we Cranstals were away at a SWKA Show) that she felt that maybe she should have left Lazaarus on the farm where he would probably have died quickly during the first night.

Barry said that this was quite the wrong way to look at things - that Lazarus was a shining example of how one small and frail individual could influence people for the better.

Barry then went on to list Lazarus achievements which - when studied with that in mind - I have to admit look quite impressive.

Barry said that the main point to remember was that Lazarus brought out the best in everyone who encountered him - and lived his short life to the full and to the best of his ability.

Firstly Mopps was moved to bring Lazarus home and try and save his life
Secondly the Cranstals friends Roger and Madaleine went to the trouble of bringing Lazarus Chick Crumbs all the way from Ramsey. They then spent ages trying to ensure that Lazarus was ‘set up correctly’ as they had kept chickens previously. (During this process - lunch went cold on the table and they wasted a whole afternoon!)
Thirdly Lazarus managed to have a holiday with Barry and Pam - whose fifteen year old grandson offered to sit up all night with him when his condition began to give cause for concern.

Fourthly Lazarus managed to find the money for Private Medical Care - even if Pam and Mopps did nearly die of embarrassment when the vet called out ’Next - LAZARUS SHIMMIN please’ in a very loud voice in a very crowded waiting room. We salukis all thought that she was probably getting her own back as Mopps had insisted that Lazarus deserved to be treated as a charity case (Drugs only to be charged).
And finally - Lazarus left an Estate to be distributed. Two large packets of chocolate biscuits to be given to Barry and Pam to say ‘Thank You’ for his weekend‘s board and lodging.

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