'Now this is a real beauty spot!!!!'
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Well, there is very little to report on the show scene this time - as we have had a virtually complete break over the last six months. However in preparation for the start of the 2006 Championship Show season Mopps took me to Ringcraft the other night - where I showed her exactly how much I had forgotten during the last six months. She is now in a complete panic and I am doing ringcraft every morning, of every single day in the week, apart from Sundays. I, unfortunately, seem to have radically overdone the 'wake up call' on show ring procedures!!

LILY RULES...................O.K?

Well, most definitely NOT O.K. actually!! But we salukis were not consulted in the first place. And it all started so innocuously.......... Mopps was going to get a lily. Well we all know that she likes orchids and plants so this did not cause the Cranstal Clan any major concerns. Even her departure off Island to collect the lily - whilst seeming to be a bit of an overkill for a plant - did not ring any alarm bells with us salukis. It most certainly should have done!

During the course of Mopps absence in deepest East Sussex we heard Kennel Man say to one of his mates that 'it was getting increasingly difficult to keep tabs on Mopps who - for someone who hated travelling - seemed to be vanishing off Island on an increasingly regular basis'. He was also heard muttering (whilst preparing food for 6 salukis and one cat twice daily) that when he had said 'Well, if you really want it - you will have to go and collect it yourself' he had not expected her to do just that! DO JUST WHAT??? we salukis had wanted to shriek!!! As well we might!!

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