Mopps got back late on the Thursday evening - complete with a lily. Except that it was not a lily - it was LILY!!!! And our lives have gone to hell in a handcart ever since it stalked out of its travelling case - all caramel fur, coffee coloured spots, ears the size of Dumbo - and bright green eyes. We were shocked I can tell you!!

Now Mopps and Kennel Man KNEW that we Cranstal Qu's DO NOT DO CATS! Catkin KNEW that we DO NOT DO CATS!!! From Day 1 - Lily has never managed to quite get her head around this fact. The result of this is that she stalks into the kitchen first thing in the morning, takes over what we used to view as OUR very large mat, swats everything that displeases her (and everything that displeases her seems to have four legs, fur and be either me - or very closely related to me) and never hesitates to use her voice like a foghorn if crossed in any way. And not only is it here to stay - but it appears to be the centre of Mopps universe no less!! Any attempt on our part to put the little blighter in its place is viewed with deep concern!

In fact the only really good laugh we salukis have had since its arrival in November has been when, within the last few days, it fell in the pond! (Swims quite well we were disappointed to find out.) The fact that it had to have a bath after its swim in the pond was just some wonderful sort of bonus for the rest of us. Dont think that Catkin was too distressed about the pond/bath incident either!!

'New genus: Lily Loudmouthacus'
Photo: Paul Shimmin


And this month’s final picture is of...............Fleshwick. Mopps favourite place on this earth - and the scene of our most recent Photoshoot. By the end of the Photoshoot however, we salukis were not quite so sure that Fleshwick was Mopps most favourite place on earth any longer. We dont think that she was either - as Mopps and Kennel Man had disturbed the peace and tranquility of this hallowed place on several occasions over our three hour sojourn on its shores.

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