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And never has there been a truer word spoken!! We could see that they were worried at the start of 2006 - as Mopps and Kennel Man considered that us Cranstal 'Qu's were all 'still quite young for any major honours this year'. However we seem to have excelled ourselves!

Heard Mopps talking to her friend Madelaine at the start of the summer (discussing dogs and dog showing - of course!). 'Well, we have never 'done a double' or had a Group placing at a Championship Show - and I think it highly unlikely that we ever will' says Mopps! By the end of July - Faris and his litter sister Hettie had got DCC & BCC at Birmingham and then Faris gets Group 4 at Leeds - becoming a Champion along the way. (Heard Mopps telling Madelaine a short while ago 'that they had never won the Lottery either!' Unfortunately for all the Cranstal's standard of living - Madelaine's magic does not seem to have worked with this one to date!!).

There was much rejoicing about both of those Ch. Show events I can tell you. I was a bit miffed actually - as I felt that it almost overshadowed my very important CC at Blackpool!!

LIFE GOES ON....................but not always.

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Catkin has left us - and gone somewhere that only she knows about. She had been very quiet - and spent a lot of time sleeping behind the television and under the book-case for a week or two (we all thought that the stress of living with Lily had finally got to her) but it turned out to be a lot more serious than that. Then she came back from the vets' one evening asleep in her basket - and we were all taken out to say 'Goodbye'. Mopps and Kennel Man were very sad so we all knew that this really was the last time that we would see Catkin.

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