Whilst we could appreciate that Mopps was going to miss her very best friend - we salukis were all quite relieved that we would not have to listen to her shouting CATKIN!!!, CATKIN!!!, CATKIN!!! at the top of her voice about 3,000 times a day when Catkin went off on one of her walkabouts!! Catkin went on a lot of walkabouts. In fact Kennel Man has told us that 'Catkin was the only living being in the whole world who had ever had Mopps exactly where she wanted her'. He was smirking at the time - I think that Catkin was quite a hero to Kennel Man!!

Five days later the three of us youngsters went off to Paignton and, and as usual Hebron, Cairo and Shala went off to their hotel in the country. Cairo loves Brookfield Kennels as Kennel Ann who owns them lets him run as fast and as much he likes in her big field, whilst Shala, for some strange reason - but much to Cairo's satisfaction - is kept on her long lead!! When we got home from Paignton, Mopps went off to collect her three pensioners from the kennels.

Kennel Man knew that something was very wrong when Mopps got out of the car. Only Cairo and Shala had come home. Hebron had not woken up from her morning sleep on the day that we were all at Paignton show. Mopps and Kennel Man were very sad, Kennel Ann was very sad. Shala has been more sad than anyone would have believed. She is still sad - she really loved her Mother.

Faris, Tiisi and of course me, all won our classes at Paignton - a fitting tribute to our Grandmother - whom we miss a lot. Even though, being realistic about it - we think that if it was the other way round her grief over the removal of us three might not have been quite so great!!

Photo: Manx Image Banx
Hebron - Born to be free!!

WE'VE ALL BEEN ON A SUMMER HOLIDAY (Photographer Kevin has too!!!)

We all went to Wales, via Bournemouth Ch. Show!! The diversion was Kennel Man's idea - not a good one as it turned out. It was a freezing cold show - and the next day they got stuck in a 5 1/2 hour traffic jam on the M24 on the way up to Wales. Mind you - even though it took them about seven hours longer to get to Wales than they had anticipated - they got their priorities right and actually managed to find a Service Station to give us our tea on time. That was when Mopps ate the only decent sandwich that they had in the car!! Not much holiday spirit around when Kennel Man discovered that one - but as a measure of how bad things had become ..........he did not say anything!! A fitting revenge by Mopps for the Bournemouth diversion we all thought!!!

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