Anyway when we got to Wales we discovered that everywhere they went - and everywhere we looked - there were SHEEP!! Lots, and lots, and lots and lots of SHEEP!! It was some sort of saluki heaven. Well - it would have been if anyone had let us off our leads!! And where there were not sheep........there were cows! The photograph here is of me with one of my new best friends. Well perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration - it was a sort of Welsh Stand Off actually!


Photo: Manx Image Banx
Well, here we are in black and white!!

We danced on the end of our leads like maniacal Nuryev's for the whole week. They ended up with arm muscles like Russian shot putters within two days!!

And by the way - whilst talking of photos - for everyone who has contacted Mopps and Kennel Man to say how wonderful it is that they have all these pictures showing us salukis 'free in the countryside' DO NOT KID YOURSELF!! Photographer Kevin is an editing whiz - removed a lighthouse from behind me once!. So the odd dog lead poses no problems at all to a man of his talents!

Well, leads might not pose a problem for photographer Kevin - but they sure posed a major one for Mopps and Kennel Man as it turned out. Within a couple of days of arriving in Wales - whilst lunging at the sheep of course - we had managed to wreck two out of the three flexi leads that they had brought with them for the week's holiday. Happy days!!

Photo: Manx Image Banx


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