AFFRIKAN SUNSET!!!!!                

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Mr. Faris kept the Cranstal flag flying at Hound Association of Scotland by winning DCC much to the delight of Mopps and Kennel Man. I was quite delighted too as - even though we were second in the ring - Kennel Man's impression of Ralph Schumaker ensured that we were back at the docks in Liverpool in time for the 7 pm ferry home. Not so impressed with the fact that there was not enough time to feed us before we were loaded onto the ferry though! When will they learn that Cranstals dont 'do' late meals!!

Cairo goes on a long Journey.

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Mr. Cairo - ahead of the pack as usual!!
We are all missing Cairo! He might have been 'Wimp of the Year' as far as the human race was concerned - but to us Cranstals he was pretty much King of all he suveyed. He had slowed down a bit over the last year or so but not as much as Faris assumed when he jostled Mr. Cairo as we all went out into the paddock one day this winter!! When Faris had picked himself up from the mud he apologised most profusely to Mr. Cairo for his clumsiness - and waited in his appointed place in the queue from then on!

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