Life was orderly with Mr. Cairo around - even Tiisi was kept in her place. This was quite easy for Mr. Cairo - as Tiisi loved him more than any other saluki on this earth. Even the fact that Mr. Cairo could not be taken on the long walks because of his heart problems did not diminish his authority - it just meant that he was there to welcome us all back when we returned. Sitting in the best bed of course!!

So when Mopps, Kennel Man and Cairo came back from a visit to the vets last Sunday - we could not understand why Cairo did not come marching in and sort us all out in his usual manner. Then we were all taken out to see him - and we realised that Cairo must have fallen into a deep sleep on his way back home in the car. We danced around him and wagged our tails - but in spite of our efforts he just would not wake up. That was when we realised that Mr. Cairo had left all of us behind - we were obviously all trained to perfection and his responsibilities to the Cranstal pack were over.

Kennel Man said, very sadly, to Mr. Faris 'Well, you are in charge now Faz'. You can take it from me that Shala,Tiisi and I soon put Faz right on that one!!!!

'Cat'ch him - but we cant!!

A small caramel and white feline - whom they promptly named Jack - arrived Chez Cranstal at the beginnng of November. With Lily having arrived the previous November I can see that we are all going to have to watch Mopps and Kennel Man very carefully when next November comes around. Two cats is pushing it - three cats would be beyond a joke!!

The racket that Lily kicked up when she was initially introduced to Jack left all of us salukis in no doubt that she was not much more enthusiastic about the interloper's arrival than we were. However after about three days she capitulated and it is a rare occasion in the Cranstal household nowadays to see Lily without her little sidekick in tow. In fact the only time that Lily is seen without Jack is when she is in the kitchen - and that is because even Mopps has to admit that Jack is a wimp. Obviously thinks that salukis are the spawn of the devil! This opinion has probably been influenced by the fact that Faris, Tiisi and I all hit the glass kitchen door at about 60 mph if

JACK - The Stairperson! Paul Shimmin
Jack is foolish enough to saunter past it whilst traversing the hall. Have to say that (viewed through the glass) he moves impressively fast for a small fat kitten. Lily (or Swatto as we call her) was much more dangerous at his age - and never this much fun!!


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