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Sea, sky, stones and seaweed - where will they find next!!


Mr. Faris appears to have excelled himself this summer - four CC's plus 2 BOB out of the first six shows that he attended and shortlisted in the Hound Group at East of England as well. It was a good summer for Mr. Faris.

Faris - jumping for joy over his 4th CC this year!!
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I have managed to restrict my own show career to eight shows this year (at which I have aquitted myself well I feel, winning Limit Bitch at the NSC Ch. Show during The Festival of the Saluki probably being the best result). This restriction on the number of shows that I have been able to attend has been much to the irritation of Mopps whom I heard complaining to Kennel Man the other day that 'Affrika is always either in season, having a phantom or has cast her coat because of the season and phantom! There appears to be a window of about four weeks twice a year when she is in condition to show!!' The way that things are going Tiisi's show career might be going to be resurrected - and I could be the one keeping our Mum company in Brookfields kennels!! Think that putting me in whelp (as suggested by one of their vets) is going to be a non-starter - well judging by Mopps' reaction when the idea was put forward it is!

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