In July Photographer Kevin returned to England - and at the end of August he came over to the Isle of Man on holiday. This was an event that I know that Mopps was looking forward to as she had not seen her brother for a whole year. They were also anticipating taking a lot of photographs of us Cranstals as well. PK must really look forward to the days he spends out with the Cranstal mob - as he always seems so very keen to 'get the photographs over with as early on as possible' in his holiday. I am sure that this is because he does not want to miss the chance of a nice sunny day full of good photos - and not because the stress levels generated by the combination of Mopps/Kennelman/Faris/Tiisi and me are likely to ruin his holiday if he does not 'get the photograps over with' at the beginning of it!

Anyway this year everyone was really looking forward to catching up on what PK had been doing in Germany over the previous 12 months. It was during a phone call to make arrangements for the visit that Mopps realised that PK was actually arriving on the Island.....................two days before we all left the Island for a week to partake in the Festival of the Saluki. Not a good moment for Mopps!! We did come home for two days part way through the Festival week as a result of this oversight on Mopps behalf. She said that it was because Faris and I needed a chance to run free - but Faris and I think that it was the original 'guilt trip' even if it was nice to get back to running in our paddock rather than sitting round in the car and in various hotel rooms. PK said, very magnanimously, that he did not mind at all that we were not on the Island the whole the time that he was on holiday. He sounded rather, sort of, relieved actually!

They seem very happy with the results of the photo session - we were even joined at one stage by our friend Meena the Pharoah Hound. We have had Meena to stay with us on a couple of occasions and we all get on very well together - even if living with Meena is a bit like sharing a house with a whirling dervish.

PK is a man of many talents - our friend Meena (Omorose Bahira Sun over Abusir) plus the matching seaweed!

Photo: Manx Image Banx


A seaside garden - another little gem from PK

Photo: Manx Image Banx

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