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Me, trying to look into the future!!


And in the Cranstal household of late the above statement is completely correct for once in our lives! Crufts has come and gone and none of us has been to a show this year!! All four of us salukis think that this is a very good direction for our lives to be moving in. However the fact that everyone of us has had a bath twice in the last few weeks does not bode well for our continued absence from the show ring!


But none of us are quite sure what!! However knowing Mopps and Kennel Man we have a strong suspicion that it is going to affect us - the gang - more than anyone else. Phrases like 'The Iceman cometh' are being bandied about accompanied by somewhat worrying and self satisfied smirks from those who, in my not so humble opinion, should know better. We four salukis called a meeting to discuss our concerns - and have arrived at the conclusion that it is somehow connected with a recent excursion that Mopps and Kennel Man made to a place called Sweden.

Aside from anything else we were all distinctly less than impressed when the four of us ended up 'in the Slammer' again because of this trip. (But from the way that things have gone since their return it would appear that our incarceration might be going to be the least of our worries). I feel that perhaps I should explain that our reluctance to visit our holiday residence has absolutely nothing to do with Kennel Ann and her daughter Kennel Jessica whom we count amongst our mates. The food is fine (we take our own) the fields for exercise are excellently maintained, the company is varied, the staff are most obliging and best of all after three years of

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