visiting we have managed to train them to perfection. However the major drawback is that there dont seem to be any armchairs Chez. Brookfields. Or if there are - we have never got to sit on any of them!!

Anyway to get back to the fact that we salukis most definitely have a problem of some sort looming in what would appear to be the not too distant future. Shala said that when she was lurking in the kitchen at one stage (Doing her invisible act on the dog bed under the work surfaces. She is so good at that - that they are always forgetting her in the kitchen when we are all being put to bed.) she definitely heard a conversation containing the following words 'Flash.....Iceman.....Pet Passport .........10 1/2 months..........Mary-Ann............. Arlanda.......... SAS Airlines ..........Manchester ......... January 2009.................'. So, I am asking you - my readers - can anyone out there can break this code? If so please contact me, Affrika Cranstal, as soon as possible. We think that some sort of counter offensive might be necessary and the sooner that we know what we are facing the better!!

Photo: Paul Shimmin

Found this photo on the computer - it would appear to feature Mopps with a friend and four salukis. Significantly the salukis are not us and the photo came from a file marked 'SWEDEN'. I have a feeling this could be a significant piece of evidence!!


Photo: Manx Image Banx
Mr. Faris - all lit up!!

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