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Life is such a blast when you are young, gifted and black!!!!


Well, not for Mr. Faris there isnt!! He has been appointed 'designated companion in the slammer' with Shala for the forseeable future - and Tiisi is my new travelling companion. Not so sure that she is any more enthusiastic about the change in arrangements than Faris is (Tiisi has never liked leaving the Island since her departure at 9 weeks and her subsequent return to it at seven months of age - but being sensitive little souls her failure in this respect has never been a subject for discussion!!). Anyway it has been decreed by several of Mopps dog showing friends that 'Tiisi is looking stunning and is being wasted' so her fledgling UK show career is being resurrected for the forseeable future. I think that I must be looking more stunning though - as I have beaten her on both occasions that we have been competing. Well, I am not having some interloper just walking all over me - so I have quickly clocked up a BOB and a RCC just to remind Tiisi what competition is all about!


And the Star? Well, MOI of course!! It was a lovely Saturday evening, Mopps and Kennel man were happily partaking of a quite delicious evening meal, the sun was slowly sinking in a glowing sky, a whole flock of sparrows were settling in the trees in the garden (noisy little buggers that they are) and us salukis were mooching around between the kitchen, the patio and our dog room waiting for one of the younger birds to make a mistake and land somewhere within reach. In other words all was well with the world in the Isle of Man and especially in the Cranstal household.
Well, I soon put that to rights! They 'think' (and who am I to enlighten them) that I must have chased a small fledgling behind the decorative breeze blocks that surround the oil tank and in my efforts to dislodge the aforesaid baby bird I managed to get one of my front paws completely and immovably wedged between the decorative breeze

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