blocks and the large cement base that the oil tank sits on. My immediate reaction was of course completely screaming hysterics! Kennel Man rushed out and tried to free my paw thereby inflicting some serious pain on my shoulder which was sticking out at a rather funny angle by this time. I did what any self respecting saluki would do in the circumstances - I used my teeth to remind him that I was uncomfortable and could do without his attentions. Mopps had come racing out just behind him and when she saw all the blood all over me she started to cry. Her tears soon dried up though when she realised that it 'was only Kennel Man's blood'. They then had to get NeighbourFiremanKen out with some specialist equipment to chop the cement away and get my foot free. He was going out to a black tie dinner that night - I could tell that he was very excited about kneeling on the pebbles hammering away until the sweat poured down his brow just before he was due to be at the dinner. As Mopps and Kennel Man's efforts had been somewhat puny I was greatly relieved that the expert attentions of NeighbourFiremanKen soon had me freed. I was a little too overcome by everything to thank him on the night - but he and I have met up since then and I thanked him very prettily. Well, once I was free, it was off to the vets (at prime time rates of course!) in order that I could be checked over and have pain killers prescribed for my comfort until the following morning when I would have a full examination. I was then taken back to the house and settled with every care in my bed - so that I could sleep off the after effects of my ordeal. Have I forgotten anything?? Oh, yes, after all that - Kennel Man had time to take himself off to the hospital where they sorted out a rather nasty bite on his thumb. They say if he is very lucky the nail might even grow again but who cares...................he has nine other nails for heavens sake!

Regretfully there are no photos in existence that will do justice to the drama of this traumatic incident.

FLASH who?

Well, my concerns about Sweden would appear to have been fully founded. I have found updates on our computer which indicate that they have FIVE salukis. Now I have counted very carefully, several times, and there are only four of us. This would indicate that there is an addition to our numbers somewhere and I finally found him after careful scrutinisation of the computer records. In the Present Salukis section Shala, Affrika, Tiisi, Faris and ..........FLASH are listed!!!! I pointed this disturbing addition out to Tiisi with some concern. Tiisi took one look at the photo and said 'Well, you can complain away as much as you like!! Personally I have always rather fancied a blond Swedish toyboy'. Looking at it like that - and having revisited the photos of Flash - perhaps my concerns have been a bit premature. Faris has also expressed the opinion that 'an extra male presence in this pack would be a great asset as he would not be stuck with three


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