I think that this is my best side - don't you?
Affrika - my best side
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Well that is Tiisi's take on it - for whom the arrival of a blond Swedish toyboy is probably the event of her life. (That is if you discount her being 'returned to sender' at the age of seven months of course!). Oops - I seem to remember that I have previously promised not to mention that again!!!!

Faris' reaction to the arrival - after a couple of days indicating exactly who was in charge of the Cranstal pack - has been delight that he has someone to assist him to do 'man things' like playing football and also chasing round the paddock with someone who doesnt get knocked over as easily as Tiisi and Shala do. You will notice that no-one chases me round the paddock by the way!! Shala's reaction to his arrival has been to enrol Flash on the Apprentice's Scheme for Excavation - Flash.has turned out to be a quick learner and an enthusiastic apprentice. As far as the Twolegs are concerned - Kennelman is now attempting to teach both Shala and Flash NOT TO DIG!!! He has been working on this for eleven years with Shala - I dont think that the appearance of an apprentice has improved the situation as far as Kennelman is concerned. Mopps is just waiting for the paddock to dry out so that we dont all come in every day looking like a herd of elephants who have been visiting the wallow!!

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