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Cranstal Enigma 1 CC + BOB 4 RCCs.

The 'I' litter - our third - was born in 1998 when Ch. Cranstal Enchantment was mated to Ch. Mumtaz Moon Magic. There were three dogs (Illusion, Intrigue and Incantation) and one bitch Ch. Cranstal Incandescence whom we retained. (Incidentally It took someone else to point out to us that we must have been 'spellbound' when we combined Enchantment with Moon Magic!)

The 'Qu' litter - Our fourth and final litter - was bred in 2003 when Ch. Cranstal Incandescence was mated to Ch. Kasaque Jimna. There were four dogs (Ch. Cranstal Quantum plus C. Quema (1CC), Quest and Quimera) and four bitches (Cranstal Quality, Quaron (1CC), Querida and Ch. Cranstal Quintessence). We kept Quantum plus Quintessence. Cranstal Querida who was returned to us at the age of seven months - remained with us. Whilst we did not intend to keep three from this litter - life without Tiisi would have been so very dull!!

Ch Cranstal Quintessence

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