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Upon our marriage in 1966 Paul, whose family had never previously owned a dog, gave in to my pre wedding pleadings and Prospectblue Micawber an Old English Sheepdog puppy arrived a week after our wedding day. We took him to an Exemption Dog Show at the age of 10 months and he went BIS. Little did we know it then but life was never going to be the same again!! At the same time as the OES we owned a pointer (Crookrise Pansy) and in 1980 we bought in a ML dachshund - Ridgeview Glamour Girl of Cranstal from whom we bred one litter. But it has been the salukis who have dominated our lives.


Along with virtually everyone else in the world we had to buy in our first salukis. Our introduction to the breed came with Hekla Royal Amulet of Cranstal - a combination of Daxlore/Sedeki bloodlines. He was joined after 18 months by Tamla Shady Lady of Cranstal who combined Tamla/Seafleet bloodlines - she was the foundation bitch on which the Cranstal kennel has been built.

Over the years we have bought in two additional salukis the first Al Caliphs Firouza of Cranstal JW (Ch. Al Caliphs Dawnflight ex Ch. Al Caliphs Shenaz). She was never bred from as Ch. Cranstal Chance for whom she was bought as a mate proved to be sterile. The second Jasrigg Jasquith for Cranstal (Ch. Classicus Belissarius ex Cranstal Charm) joined our household also to enable us to carry on our bloodline after the tragic death of Chaos. We are eternally grateful to Jacquie Drake for breeding Solo - and also for letting us have the only puppy in the litter that she bred.


Tamla Shady Lady of Cranstal - Blackpool Ch. Show 1983

'Cha' litter - our first - was bred in 1984 when Tamla Shady Lady of Cranstal who was mated to Ch. Hekla Royal Brigadier of Fargaze.


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