Photo: Lene Svensson

A very rare photo of Noor - in the presence of a piece of
wood without any teeth marks in it!!


HÄLSNINGAR FRÅN SVERIGE. Or if you prefer ‘Hello!’. I am Noor and I will be your new insider in the Cranstal household from now on. My predecessor’s only guidance to me has been to tell me that I should not get too smug about my fledgling journalistic career as ‘she will be a very hard act to follow! Especially as English is at least her first language!’ I think that this comment is an underhand reference to the fact that I have been known to speak/understand nothing but Swedish when under instruction/confrontation or any sort of dark cloud. I seem to speak a lot of Swedish!!!!

But to get back to the main subject. FOLLOW???? When did I ever FOLLOW Affrika?? Each day when Kennelman lets us three girls out in the paddock together…………..I am OFF!! With Affrika and Tiisi desperately trying to catch up. The only problem is that it did not take the two of them very long to work out that the only chance they had of seeing anything other than my tail and my backside was if they ‘worked it’ between them. For two elderly pensioners they are surprisingly nimble on their feet when executing one of their rather sophisticated pincer movements!

Incorporated into my show critiques has been some comment that I am ‘fit and well muscled for my age’. You bet I am!! 50 trips flat out round the paddock being pursued by the saluki equivalent of Tyrannosaurus Rex x 2 would put muscles on a boiled egg!!! I sometimes think that letting me out with these delinquent pensioners could be the TwoLegs revenge for the dog room (among other things!!)!

MY TALENTS!! I have observed that in her introduction Mopps has made reference to my talents in interior design. However I am very disappointed that whilst she sees fit to mention them - they been totally and completely unappreciated in any way by the TwoLegs. You would think that a person new to the household who was prepared to put in a great deal of effort in order to give their somewhat boring wooden dog beds/work surfaces/rugs/Italian wallpaper that oh so desirable ‘distressed look’ would be deeply appreciated.

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