This does not appear to be the case and I have to admit that the most ‘distressed’ items in the household as all this work has been going on have been Mopps and Kennelman!! Mopps took the demise of the Italian wallpaper in the kitchen particularly badly. I thought at the time that threatening not to speak to me for 24 hours was a complete over reaction. However she nearly made it – only breaking her silence to scream when she caught me with the Chinese rug! I think that she had given up speaking to Kennelman for the 24 hours as well as she seemed to think that he should have picked up on the structural alterations to the wallpaper as he was in the kitchen at the time.

THINGS TO DO! You will appreciate from the above that I am fully occupied at present, so have a very limited amount of time to devote to my surprise elevation to Cranstal scribe. However I am sure that by the time Spring 2014 arrives I will most probably have completed my renovation projects – well by that stage there probably will not be that much left to ‘renovate’. I do promise that for the next edition I will have much more to report - as to be quite honest I am not surprised about the amount of material Affrika has managed to generate over the years. Life with this lot has to be experienced to be believed!!!

MY SWEDISH FAMILY. Before I leave you all I thought that - as we are getting to know each other – you might like to make the acquaintance of the family that I have left so far behind in Sweden. In the small photo I am sitting on the left of the picture - on the steps of our family home - with my brother Kareef at the front, my sister Kokos third in line and on the right hand side our brother Koriander. Whilst Kokos and Koriander remain in the land of their birth - Kareef left Sweden at the same time that I did. He is presently resident in Sussex where he has put a lot of effort into getting the Buckley household as well trained as I have the Cranstal household.

The second photo is of Kareef and myself - on the night that we arrived in UK – relaxing in the hotel room that the Buckley TwoLegs had so sensibly arranged for our arrival. This allowed Kareef and

Photo: Mary-Ann Axelsson
myself to have some quiet time together after the ordeal of our air flight from Sweden and before I had to commence my onward journey to the IOM. We both appreciated this gentle introduction into our new lives in our adopted country.

Photo: Annette Buckley

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